Expanding the Playbook

NPX is introducing a new, transparent and efficient way to fund what matters to you.

The way that we currently fund the nonprofit sector is opaque and inefficient.

Whether you’re donating or investing, we believe that funding should be explicitly linked with impact performance.

Let’s re-write the playbook.  Together we can unlock the true potential of the nonprofit sector.

How It Works



A new way to give that ensures major gifts achieve results.

Impact Investors

Impact Investors

A new way to invest in a nonprofit organization and realize financial returns based on impact.


Nonprofit Organizations

A new way to access capital aligned with your impact goals.

Innovation is crucial to keep industries moving forward. Companies are continuously evolving and innovating, the same should be true for nonprofits and the communities they serve. The NPX team has taken this approach to philanthropic giving and its innovative solution will help nonprofits to raise more funds…

Richard Branson, Virgin Unite

Why It Matters


Link Funding with Impact

Kickstart the creation of a performance-focused sector by explicitly linking funding with impact.


Catalyze New Sources of Capital

Access to new sources of capital – donations and investments – for nonprofit organizations.


Incentivize Impact Achievement

Apply economic incentives
to performance.


Drive Efficiency, Accountability & Transparency

Streamlined, transparent reporting with independent validation.


Unlock the True Potential of the Nonprofit Sector

Apply free-market principles to drive unprecedented efficiency in the multi-billion dollar nonprofit sector.

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