How It Works

Case Studies

NPX works with a wide range of donors, impact investors and nonprofit organizations spanning large, established brands to innovative, ready-to-scale start-ups. As illustrated in the following case studies, the unifying theme is a deep commitment to linking funding with impact.


Impact Goals

  • Empower 8,400 people in East Africa, South Asia, and the Caribbean to lift themselves out of poverty through work
  • Achieve organizational self-sustainability

Deal Terms

Issuer Samasource Investment Amount $8 million USD
Term 5 years Maximum Investor Repayment $10 million USD
Impact Metric Worker Earnings Impact Sector Poverty Alleviation

About Samasource

Samasource is a nonprofit social enterprise that provides work to people living in poverty through data-based outsourcing services, or “impact sourcing.” They secure data contracts from some of the largest enterprises in the world such as Google and Microsoft and through a managed service model, train and hire these individuals, enabling them to earn a sustained living wage that lifts themselves and their families out of poverty.  NPX has created an Impact Security to fund expanded job creation initiatives. Samasource

The Learning Accelerator

Impact Goals

  • Save participating school districts $20-80 million in avoided textbook expenditures

Deal Terms

Issuer The Learning Accelerator Investment Amount $20 million USD
Term 7 years Maximum Investor Repayment $25 million USD
Impact Metric Educational Materials Cost Savings Impact Sector US K-12 Education

About The Learning Accelerator

The Learning Accelerator is the catalyst to transform American K-12 education through blending learning on a national scale. NPX has structured an Impact Security for one of its key initiatives, the K-12 OER Collaborative.  The Impact Security will fund the creation of an open-source alternative to physical textbooks, providing investors with the opportunity to significantly improve the quality of K-12 instructional materials and redirect billions of dollars spent annually on textbooks that become quickly outdated and do little to leverage mainstream information technology. The Learning Accelerator

The Last Mile

Impact Goals

  • The first-ever workforce development program that teaches incarcerated individuals to code and then hires them to do outsourced coding work for companies around the country.

Deal Terms

Issuer The Last Mile Investment Amount $800,000
Term 4 years Maximum Investor Repayment $900,000
Impact Metric Inmate Hours Worked Impact Sector Workforce Development

About The Last Mile