How It Works

Making a Donation: Today’s Best Option

Whether you donate $10K, $10M, $10B, all of today’s donation options have you following the same general path: due diligence, donate, and hope for impact. Due diligence. Donate. Questionable impact.

Making a Donation: Using the Impact Security

The Impact Security offers a new, better way to donate to any cause with measurable impact.

Due diligence. Make a pledge. Impact achieved: Donate. Impact not achieved: Redeploy. Make a new pledge.

A New Donor Fund Model

Using the Impact Security to deploy capital, NPX offers an unparalleled donation fund structure that explicitly links capital with impact.

Donor funds. Nonprofit organizations. Any issue with measurable impact.

A New Donor Role

Your new role as a donor is simple:

  1. Select your impact area(s) and/or nonprofit organization(s).
  2. Allocate a percentage of your philanthropic capital.
  3. Determine your preferred level of involvement.

Let NPX create a custom portfolio of performance-based donations for you.

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