How It Works

A New Donor Fund

The Impact Security brings together donors and investors to fund nonprofit organizations based on impact.



Nonprofit Organizations

Raise the capital necessary to fund long-term, high-impact initiatives


Make impact-based donations to nonprofit organizations

Impact Investors

Invest upfront risk capital and realize financial returns based on impact

How It Works

The Impact Security is a financial product that allows a nonprofit organizations issue performance-based debt and repay that debt over time with donations.

Investment capital. Investors. Nonprofit organizations. Donors. Donation. Investment + financial return.

Technical Details

The Impact Security is a debt security issued by a nonprofit organization, government or supranational entity, featuring variable returns that are contingent on the achievement of pre-determined impact metrics.

The Impact Security combines the contingent returns concept found in pay-for-success financings such as Impact Bonds with an established, scalable and tradable capital markets structure, a debt security. Because the Impact Security is issued by a nonprofit, government or supranational entity, the offering is exempt from SEC registration requirements.

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