How It Works

Why It Matters

The Impact Security offers a new way to fund impact with significant benefits to all participants.


Maximize Donor Impact

Donations are success-based and deferred with maximum impact over time.

Catalyze New Funding

Catalyze new sources of capital – investment capital – into causes you care about.

Incentivize Performance

Apply economic incentives to impact outcomes.

Nonprofit Organizations

New Sources of Capital

Catalyze access to new, different sources of capital – investments.

Long-Term Funding

Flexible, long-term funding aligned with impact goals.

Focus on Impact

Overhead is not a proxy for impact – shift focus to true measures of impact performance.

Impact Investors

Link Impact & Returns

Invest in a nonprofit organization and earn financial returns based on impact.

Standardized Financial Product

Use a standard investment vehicle that increases transaction speed, transparency and transferability.

PRI + MRI Eligible

Participation is open to Program Related Investments and Mission Related Investments.

All Participants


Kickstart the creation of a performance-focused sector by explicitly linking funding with impact.

Impact Data Transparency

Streamlined, transparent impact reporting with independent validation.

Survival of the Fittest

Apply free-market principles to drive unprecedented efficiency in the multibillion dollar nonprofit industry.