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Dec '16 13

Wharton | Social Impact Conference

San Francisco, CA

Lindsay Beck, Co-Founder, NPX

Experts, practitioners and academics gathered at the annual Wharton San Francisco Social Impact conference to discuss impact at scale. The agenda included panels on entrepreneurship, defining and measuring impact, impact investing, connectivity and collaboration. Lindsay Beck, co-founder of NPX joined on stage to discuss the Impact Security.

Dec '16 05

Financial Times | Innovative Lawyers Awards

New York City, NY

Lindsay Beck, Co-Founder, NPX
Catarina Schwab, Co-Founder, NPX

NPX attended the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards where the top law firms, legal teams and individuals are ranked and their work is highlighted. NPX was awarded the Innovation in Social Responsibility Award in conjunction with Morrison & Foerster for the development of the Impact Security. Lindsay Beck and Catarina Schwab, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of NPX, share the award with Anna Pinedo, a Partner in the capital markets group, and the entire team at Morrison & Foerster.



Jul '16 28

Social Enterprise Law Series: So You Want to Have an Impact?

Morrison & Foerster | San Francisco

Berit Ashla, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
Lindsay Beck, NPX
Jim Bunch, Goldman Sachs
Eric Hallstein, The Nature Conservancy
Will Fitzpatrick, Omidyar Network
Jason Scott, Encourage Capital
Moderator: Suz Mac Cormac, Morrison & Foerster

This session will cover the strategies and opportunities available to different types of investors focused on environmental, social and governance factors – from venture and private equity funds who identify impact as a way to enhance financial returns to foundations and “impact first” investment vehicles.  We will provide guidance on the promotion of impact through the use of traditional and new debt and equity instruments, including green bonds, social impact bonds, convertible debt and SAFEs. We will also review the increasing use of PRIs and MRIs by foundations and tax exempt organizations as well as new “impact securities” that can be issued by non-profits.  Finally, we will examine how all of these investment instruments and strategies can be employed by both social enterprises and more “mainstream” public and private companies that emphasize impact to better reflect founder values and attract investors, customers, and talent in an increasingly competitive environment.

Jul '16 22

Summit Institute Lab

Powder Mountain | Eden, Utah

Summit Institute Labs are a unique opportunity to bring cutting edge thinking and experts to a retreat at Summit Powder Mountain to push thinking in emerging areas of policy opportunities and to access some of the most creative and innovative business minds and thought leaders who are not already engaged on the issue in question. The July 22 – 24 Lab is inspired by alternative financing and funding models that hold the promise of leveraging new sources of capital to scale high-impact organizations and address some of the more challenging social problems in the US and abroad. The overarching goal is to share ideas across sectors and spark breakthroughs for using data and innovative financial instruments to find, fund, and scale things that work.

Jul '16 07

Nationswell Council | Strategic Advisory Group

Morrison & Foerster San Francisco

Lindsay Beck, Co-Founder, NPX
Catarina Schwab, Co-Founder, NPX

NPX created the Impact Security, a proprietary financial product that explicitly links capital with impact, to give donors, impact investors and organizations a new, better way to fund impact and unlock the true potential of the nonprofit sector. Lindsay and Catarina will present their innovative model and seek advice on how to effectively scale their “moonshot” idea.

Jun '16 03

Innovation Endeavors | Curiosity Camp 2016


Curiosity Camp is an off-grid, two night retreat hosted by Innovation Endeavors for the world’s most interesting people, solving the world’s most interesting problems. We bring to life an alternative experiential reality for you to go wide in the whimsy of curiosity and deep in intellectual discovery.

Feb '16 25

NPX | Nonprofit Forum

San Francisco, CA

Lindsay Beck, Co-Founder, NPX
Catarina Schwab, Co-Founder, NPX

An in-depth presentation on what Impact Securities are, how they work, and how they can be a highly effective approach for nonprofits to reach new sources of long-term funding for key impact programs.

Dec '14 09

Green Bonds & Social Impact Investing


Lindsay Beck, Co-Founder, NPX
Susan MacCormac, Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP
Anna Pinedo, Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP

Many investors are increasingly seeking to align their financial goals with their social objectives. Various legal entity structures have evolved, such as benefit corporations. Similarly, certain financial instruments have developed that may be structured in order to align financial and social goals. An example of these trends can be seen in the development of the market for green bonds, which has grown as issuers of debt securities reach a broader investor audience that seeks to promote sustainability and related initiatives.

Nov '14 11

Developing Market Standards and Guidelines

New York City, NY

Lindsay Beck, Founder, NPX
Anna Pinedo, Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP

A working group session to create standardization, transparency, and disclosure principles for the developing Social Impact Bond (SIB) market.

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