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5 Leading NGOs Ask: Will you donate… if we achieve results?

April 18, 2022

Introducing the Global Citizen Impact Funds, a series of outcomes funds designed to accelerate results by linking funding with impact. BRAC, charity: water, the Global Fund, International Rescue Committee, and One Acre Fund are inviting you to empower them to help more people and the planet faster. Fund results. Fund outcomes. Fund impact.

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The Last Mile Impact Security Case Study

September 30, 2021

In May 2018, NPX and The Last Mile launched the first-ever Impact Security, a results-based financing structure used to fund a coding-focused workforce development program inside San Quentin prison. The deal successfully concluded in April 2021. TLM achieved 113% of its impact target, resulting in maximum return for investors and results-based payments for donors.

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White Paper | The Impact Security: A Novel Financial Product That Links Financial Returns With Social & Environmental Impact

July 20, 2016

The Impact Security represents a powerful new way to fund impact using a standardized financial product that explicitly links capital with impact.  The standardization and transparency inherent in the Impact Security structure fosters integrity and promotes broader participation in the emerging impact investing and pay-for-success sectors.  By expanding the options of donors, investors and nonprofit organizations in an efficient, performance-focused way, the Impact Security will accelerate the growth of the impact market and market infrastructure, further transforming the way the world finances impact.

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Infographic | The Impact Security

February 25, 2016

NPX has developed a powerful new financial product that brings together private donors, impact investors and nonprofit organizations to finance impact. Our infographic explains what the Impact Security is, how it works, how capital flows efficiently, and why it matters. It also includes a brief look at the difference between Social Impact Bonds and the Impact Security and the benefits of the Impact Security in the nonprofit economy.

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